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Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning is essentially an LFS Extended Thinking Lesson (EMTS), and we think technology really lends itself to supporting this type of instruction!  In PBL, students focus on a complex question or problem (your UEQ or LEQ), then answer the question or solve the problem through a collaborative, inquiry process of investigation (think extended thinking - classifying, error analysis, constructing support, etc.) and the projects usually focus on real world issues/situations.  For this day, you should have an idea about what spot(s) in your curriculum are the big, essential ideas that can become the focus of a project.  We also think many of our old web quests probably contain a lot of these features - perhaps they just need a little reformatting and updating!    We will help you to put the technology supports in place to make the project go.



Jigsaw Activity Sites

For the jigsaw activity, participants will select a link below and complete a notes sheet/graphic organizer to explain how that site describes the organization of project baed learning. The overall goal is to then share with the whole group what was discovered about project based learning and how can work for the classroom.

Three people could somewhat work together to review the Edutopia site.   
Apple's Challenge based Learning Site
  • Apple's Challenged Based Learning model is similar to the model for Project Based Learning.  Check this out about HS students developing a voting project!  What is their approach to PBL? What is the goal?
The Buck Institute for Education has wonderful resources for getting started with Project Based Learning. A few participants can work together to review the site and learn more about BIE's view and resources. on the Buck Institute PBL Site. Click here to get started.


Group Template:

The template will serve as a summarizer. We will work together to incorporate the information compiled from the jigsaw activity. Working together, we will improve the template to be something everyone will be able to use in the future.
Project Based Planning Tools on BIE site:
How to do PBL Videos on BIE site:

How to get a PBL project started:

Our Work

Share your work!

Share your work!

Additional Resources
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