Word 2

Doing Mail Merges in Word

These activities are designed to help get you comfortable creating merges in Word.  

Sample Project Files Attached Below

  • Sample Class File

  • Sample Welcome Letter

Written Step by Step Directions

Skills / Tasks:

  • Create a mail merge of Excel data into a Word Document


  1. Watch this YouTube video for a nice step by step introduction on creating mail merges OR visit this free training site for Mail Merges.

  2. Try to mail merge a few of the sample documents below!

  3. CHALLENGE:  Try finding a certificate template on Microsoft's Template Gallery and mail merge a certificate!

TIP:  As a team captain or department head, you often have to generate schedules.  Why not use Excel to keep track of the student schedules and then merge the data into a neatly formated one page student schedule handout?  This has been done at EHMIS for planning COLT schedules!  Ask me about it!

Places to Find Excel Data!

  • Performance tracker - you can download student assessment data.
  • You can download student contact data from your Sapphire gradebook
  • You can download your Sapphire gradebook in excel format
  • Many websites allow you to export data in CSV format.  CSV files can be used to do mail merges, and excel can also open them.
Bryan Tayman,
Jun 4, 2011, 2:16 PM