Office 1

On this page, you will learn about the Template gallery and the Image gallery on the web site.

1.  Finding help for your students

  1. You can help your students learn about Office 2010 by visiting the EHMIS website, and clicking RESOURCES menu, then STUDENTS.

2.  Finding and Using Template Gallery

  1. Find, download, and edit an Office 2010 Template from either the General or Educational Template Gallery.

    TIP:  These links are posted on this website (using menu above click SW Tech Tools -->  MS Office) or on SW Tech Toolbox for Students  (How do I --> Use Office 2010)

  2. Find document for your personal or professional use - award, calendar, welcome back letter, thank you note, etc.   Download it and open it.

  3. Save the document as both an Office file and as a PDF.  This is a great format to post on your website or email!

3.  Use the Microsoft Image Gallery

  1. Explore the image gallery:

  2. Once you find a picture, click on it.

  3. Use the "Find Similar" feature located in the bottom right hand corner.

  4. Visit the student tech toolbox site to see how to cite the picture.