Office 2011 - MAC version


Engage Prior Knowledge / Goal Setting

  • Work on the Anticipation Guide
  • Layout of this site - Table of contents -------->
  • Resources Section below 
  • Bookmark this page!

  • Complete the sign in sheet!


  1. Three ways to open a program on a Mac?      BONUS:  What is a program called on a Mac?

  2. Describe a way you can you switch between screens on a Mac?

  3. Explain the sections of the FINDER window.  What is home folder on a Mac?  Is that your G drive?

  4. What are the STACKS on the right side of the dock?

  5. Name some things you can do in the Apple menu.

Office 2011

  • Must be installed by Fall 2010 school Year

    • Yourself: SWSD Computers - Software Installers Page found in the App Launcher
    • Work Order:  Techs will make arrangements to install for you 
    • Home - $9.95 Directions attached below.
    • Tech Dept installing on all labs, netbooks, laptop carts, etc. over summer

  • New file extensions: Added an "x"        What is a File Extension?

    • .docx  - Word
    • .pptx - PowerPoint
    • .xlsx - Excel

Mac Office Interface

    • VIEW in Apple Menu - 3 places where commands are found

      1. Standard Toolbars
      2. Ribbon
      3. Toolbox

    • Standard Toolbar
      • To customize this menu:   Click VIEW, Toolbars, Customize Toolbars and Menus
        • Add screen tips and keyboard shortcuts
      • Note the "pill" button

    • RIbbon
      • Tabs
      • Groups
      • Commands

      • Note the "up/down" arrow and its function at the end of the Ribbon   
      • Gear icon will customize ribbon color / tab order

    • Toolbox - "Mac Floater"
      • Found by clicking VIEW, Toolbox or by using icon in standard toolbar
      • Click the "turn over arrow" for settings

      • Citations
      • Reference tools (dictionary, thesaurus, translater!) 
      • Compatibility reports

      • Media Browser - "floater"
        • same as always, used to access iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie, and GarageBand
        • You can also find symbols and shapes in here!

      • TIP:  Print/save as a PDF on Mac

    • Become familiar with resources - esp. Template and Image Galleries

    • View Office for Mac Website - How To Videos

    • Find where your favorite Office 2008 commands are in Office 2011:   View Word |  Excel  |  PowerPoint Interactive Guides.  

    • How to teach this to students???     Visit the Student Toolbox page - EHMIS website, Resources, Students.  In the "How To" menu, choose "MS Office"

Break & Work Time


    • Styles
    • Text Effects button |  Image Editing 

      • Drag a Handshake picture from Media Browser.   Click on new FORMAT PICTURE tab, and remove background.  Try recoloring. 

    • Smart Art Graphics   Lesson Resource Idea:  Use Smart Art Graphics to create graphic organizers (LFS).  Use COLOR, use PRIMARY COLORS for better printing.

    • Templates - TONS of great ones in Mac version!  Click FILE from Apple menu, then NEW FROM TEMPLATE.

    • Mail Merges: 

      1. Download sample mail merge data below and save to desktop.  You may get data for your students from Sapphire - REPORTS --> CONTACT LIST
      2. Open Word 2011 and FILE, NEW FROM TEMPLATE.  Choose a certificate.
      3. TOOLS menu -->  Mail Merge Manager

    • OPTIONAL TASK 2:  Add CITATION Toolbox- add citations, table of contents, etc. to a sample research paper.  One is attached below.
    • OPTIONAL TASK 3:  Track Changes using REVIEW tab.   A sample Hanover article to edit is attached below.
            TIP:  Google Docs a better way of doing this now?  Maybe great for feedback to students on an assignment doc!

Break & Work Time


Download sample powerpoint below

    • Slide Designs, Animations, 3D Transitions
    • Organize slides into sections

    • Picture Effects
      • Drag a picture from Media Browser.  Recolor.  This can be done with embedded movies as well.
      • Same a Word 2011

    • Save as a movie:  File | Save As | Create a Video
    • Videos are now EMBEDDED by default when you insert them into your PowerPoint

    • Speaker Mode vs Presentation Mode under slide show
    • Broadcast slide shows over internet

    • Templates!  
      • Simple Quiz show
      • 5 Rules - like a Prezi - WATCH IN FULL SCREEN PRESENTATION MODE
      • Its All Too Much...Peter Walsh - WATCH IN PRESENTER MODE

    • Learn the Do's and Don't of Great PowerPoints - funny.   Visit SlideFest website and watch a few Apple Keynotes - notice how effect Steve Jobs is as conveying information during his presentations using very clean, simple slides and simple messages:  iPhone Release  |  iPod Release  

Break & Work Time


Download sample workbook below.

    • HELP menu ---> Getting Started with Excel
      • Helpful resources/tutorials

      • Table styles
      • Improved Auto-Filtering Features - Search box 
      • Custom Sorts - Months for example
      • Headers stay on top of data as you scroll down in table

      • Awesome Conditional formatting!
      • Layout - Repeat Titles

      • Trendlines & Sparklines

      • Graphs - much easier formatting
      • Easier to manipulate graphs

Break & Work Time



  • Press "F1" inside any Office product to get helpful directions

SWSD Web Sites

Where to find Student Data

  • Student Contact Info can be downloaded from Sapphire Gradebook
    • In Main Sapphire Gradebook --> Reports | Contact List Export

  • Item Analysis of Assessment can be downloaded in CSV or Excel format from Performance Tracker.
    • Reports tab |  Item Analysis - Assessment Scores report

  • School/Team/Grade Level student information can be exported to CSV or Excel by Guidance/Secretaries/Tech Coaches
    • Just send an email - very helpful for grade level leaders planning a field trip, or team captians
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