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Mobile Device Boot Camp 2012


  1. Getting Started:  My Big Campus
    • Log In using Novel Username/Password (must include school)
    • Activity Feed similar to Facebook.  Advantage is everything monitored by LightSpeed, our Content Filter Company
    • Account Settings button
      • Edit Account Information --> Provide additional information and add profile picture
      • Set notification preferences

    • Find People:   Search Box at Top or People List on Left  and post a fun message on their wall

    • ACTIVITY:  Shows things happening
    • EDUTALK:  An educational discussion among all users of MBC  -->  take a few minutes to explore
    • CONVERSATIONS:  simple personalized email/chat/direct message type tool --> send to a classmate
    • SCHOOL WORK:  Create Assignments and Quizzes for your students here.  Students get assignments here.
      • Graded Quizzes (correct answers & Points), Assessment (correct answers & no points) , Practice Quizzes (correct answers & points) , Surveys (no points, no correct answer).  True/False, Multiple Choice only types of questions.
      • Take our practice BYOD survey!
    • BUNDLES - prepackaged course materials --> Watch video to learn more
    • YOUR STUFF - Things you have uploaded to MBC
    • MBC DOCS - very simliar to Google Docs
  1. Basics of BYOD and Mobile Devices
  2. Mobile Devices and Tools
  3. Research / Learning Theory
  4. Designing Mobile Technology Lessons