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Google Apps Training - HS Hub

Training - 1/31 & 2/3 Agenda

1.  Intro to Site -->  Navigation tabs at top ,  Adding bookmark in Firefox toolbar to site
2.  Discuss how data is embedded into web pages
  • Its a live window into the current document.  
  • Changes in document will automatically update to HUB.  
  • Changes to the document must be made from Google Docs - not on HUB - 
  • Link at bottom of each embedded doc to the actual document. 
3.  Discuss Security 
4.  (optional)  TIP:  Mutiple Google Log Ins at Once!

  1. Log into your SW Google Docs Account, Click Settings in top right, then go to Google Account Settings.  
  2. Under the multiple sign on section, click EDIT.  Click the "on" bullet and then check all the boxes to agree.   Click SAVE and close the window.  
  3. Now, refresh your Google Docs window and next to your name you will see a down arrow.   Click that down arrow,  then click sign into another account.  Sign into your personal google account.  Now you can jump between accounts by just clicking this down arrow and selecting the appropriate account.  Its great!!
5.  Subscribe to site changes!
6.  Super Bonus Tip!
  • Forward your SW Mail to GroupWise!

Bryan and I thank you for your attention during the Get to Know the Hub morning sessions. Below is some followup information.
For folks with a regular google account and a SW google account, you may be interested in learning how to log into both at one time. Read more: