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Discovery Streaming

Teachers use Discovery Streaming to provide access to video streaming content for learning purposes. From the student center, students are able to access Assignments, Quizzes and Writing Prompts that the teacher has created for the class.  Teachers have a variety of options for making assignments available to students.

Discovery Education provides engaging digital resources to schools and homes with the goal of making educators more effective, increasing student achievement, and connecting classrooms and families to a world of learning.

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Best Practice Tips for Student Usage from the DEN's Cynthia Brown:

  • As a first step, admins and teachers import students into Discovery Education's system so that classes can create and share media and lessons.
  • Get started here
  • with tips on importing student rosters for your teachers to use in our Classroom Manager.  It makes sharing Discovery Education STREAMING assets through the Student Center easy!
  • Regardless of subject, leverage
  • My Builder Tools to customize instruction with students.  Use the Assignment, Quiz, and Writing Prompt builders to create multi-media infused diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments. 
Social Studies
Use the Discovery Atlas Interactive Map , located in the Teacher Center, as a tool for virtual field trips
  • Assign for homework and have students activate prior knowledge by exploring a new country
  • Great interactive instructions tool for white boards
Math and Science
Use STEM Connect, located in the Teacher Center, to help students make real-world connections
  • Demonstrate how science and math play a practical part in everyday life with content from
  • Mythbusters , Build it Bigger, Bill Nye, and more!
Language Arts
Utilize dozens of books from the Great Books series
  • Keyword search: Great Books
  • Pre-built quizzes for students and teacher guides are found with each within Related Materials
  • Author Profile segments from the series provide students with critical background into the author's life and how it may have impacted his/her writing
Sound Effects for Story Creation
  • Choose from thousands of sound effects - select media type "Sound Effects" from search box
  • Play five sound effects and challenge your students to write a story or book analysis incorporating all five
  • Take it to the next level! Have students use a free desktop publishing platform like
  • Audacity to read and record their story, adding in the sound effects where relevant


Overview of Site

  • Search and Advanced Search - Use a variety of search tools to quickly locate video segments, images, encyclopedia articles, audio files, quizzes, events, lesson plans, animations, clip art, and more.
  • Streaming vs. Downloading - You can view a video segment “live” or stream it “real-time” by clicking on the Play button. The quality of the video streaming experience will depend on many factors including the speed of your Internet connection and the number of people at your school who are online at the time you choose to stream video content. When you download a video segment, you save a copy of the file on your computer or network for future access.
  • My Content - This feature allows you to collect, organize, share and retrieve DE streaming media resources, assignments, quizzes and writing prompts from any service in one convenient place.
  • Editable Titles - Best Practice

Lesson Samples

Integration Strategies

Embedding Videos

When you embed a downloaded file, you insert it right into your document much as you would a picture or clip art file. Embedding makes use of the multimedia capabilities in software such as PowerPoint, AppleWorks, and Keynote and allows teachers to create presentations that do not rely on separate media players. Embedding is an effective way to add video content to existing presentations, create interactive learning projects with menus and text prompts, or develop slide shows in which video files play automatically. Learn more.


  • Writing Prompt - Give students writing practice with these images that include composition prompts. Stimulate the writing process in your classroom with thousands of pieces of content that are ready-made for persuasive, narrative, and expository writing exercises. Use a pre-made writing prompt or create your own!
  • Assignments - Build and store assignments for your students that use Discovery Education™ curriculum content.
  • Quiz - Incorporate video clips into interactive quizzes with Discovery Education™ Quiz Builder!

50 Ways to Integrate

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