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VBrick is a technology that allows us to stream our morning announcements, TV studio productions, and TV content over our internal network.  This allows you to show this content using your ceiling mounted projector.

Live streaming is available from the TV studio, and WGAL and WITF tv channels are also available now - both through your computer!

Viewing Announcements

Getting Started:
      • Point your browser to http://vbrick.swsd.k12.pa.us
      • Login with MES and MES
      • Download and install the missing plugin on the right side. (one time only)
      • Restart your browser.
Then when you go to http://vbrick.swsd.k12.pa.us and login, you will see three choices on the left. The first one is the tv studio (which can be a camera or other device connected by RCA) and the others are the available tv channels.

LINK:  http://vbrick.swsd.k12.pa.us

Log Ins: 

Password is same as log in.

Streaming Videos throughout Building

Live video streaming, as well as DVD and VHS programs are available from the TV studio through your computer! This replaces the previous method of feeding content out to the classroom televisions.
Getting Started:
  • Double click on the Firefox icon on the desktop
  • Point your browser to http://vbrick.swsd.k12.pa.us
  • Login with BES and BES
  • Download (save) the VBWMPlayerMoz_Setup.exe file on the right side. (one time only)
  • Navigate to the saved exe file and double click to install the missing plugin 
  • Restart your browser
Then when you go to http://vbrick.swsd.k12.pa.us and login (BES, BES), you will see a listing for each of the tv studio outputs. Click on the link that will show your video.

For laptop users:
When using v-brick to watch announcements it is critical that all of our computers be connected to the "wired" wall jack and that our wireless is turned off. This is critical to ensure that our announcements are uninterrupted by buffering.   Please make sure that you plug your computer in to the "wired port" and you turn off your wireless before you access v-brick.


Morning announcements will now be through your computer and projected on to your screen using your overhead projector and speaker.
To do this go to:
user name EHMIS
password   EHMIS
choose Middle School TV Studio 1
I will turn on the TV Studio output so you can see how it looks and sounds.(as long as the CD player plays).  You will be able to adjust the sound level with the sound control on the vbrick site.
My plan for now is to play Channel One through the vbrick starting at 8:05 and then continue with the morning announcements.
Middle School TV Studio 2 is a VCR/DVD player.
We also have WGAL and WITF which you can play through the vbrick.  These are the only TV channels available now.
When Comcast went totally digital it made our TVs obsolete.  I have turned off all the Comcast and Channel One equipment.  The TVs still work but will not get any TV channels.  They will work with a VCR/DVD player and that's it.
If you have trouble with this call me at 22204 or email me with you room number.  I'll help.
This is new and will pose some new challenges.  I would like to hear your ideas after we deal with this for awhile.

********************    8/29/2011  ******************************************

I need everyone to test their V-Brick today.  We have seen an issue where it does not go to your speaker up with the projector.  Can you:
1 - go to v-brick: http://vbrick.swsd.k12.pa.us
2 - Login user: EHMIS  password: EHMIS   (all caps)
3 - Select the first station.  Ross has music playing
4 - Make sure your cables are connected from your computer to the wall outlet
5 - make sure you volume is on.
If you have any problem, let me know immediately.  We will stop in and get it going.