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Weekly Reports by Email!

posted Sep 20, 2011, 10:13 AM by Michelle Krill

To create a weekly class report perform the following steps:

  1. Log into Study Island.
  2. Click the 'School Stats' link in the upper left portion of the screen.
  3. In the 'Report Type' drop down box select 'Class Summary Report'.
  4. In the 'Select a Class' drop down box, select the appropriate class from the drop down box.
  5. In the 'Select a Program' drop down box choose the grade level the student is in.
  6. Select the subject for which you would like to run the report on.
  7. Check the 'Filter By Date' box and enter the period for which you would like to run the report on.
  8. Then click 'View Report'.
  9. Click the 'Automatically Email Report' button.
  10. In the box labeled 'Report Title' type a meaningful title.
  11. In the 'Email' and 'Verify Email' boxes type your email address. Do not use a Study Island username as this will not work.
  12. From the 'Report Period' drop down box select one of the options.
  13. From the 'Frequency of Email' drop down box select how often you want to receive the emails.
  14. Click the 'Submit Request' button.