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More SI bench marking clarifications

posted Nov 14, 2011, 11:25 AM by Bryan Tayman
We learned that once we are in the benchmark window, students may not access regular content/activities until they have completed their assigned benchmark. As soon as a benchmark is completed, for example reading, then the reading content/lessons/activities will once again be available.
Unfortunately this means classes testing at a later time within the window will not have access to SI activities until the students have completed the benchmark. For the next benchmark, we may want to look at creating a schedule based on grade levels to minimize the block out period.
More from our SI representative, Hugh Donovan:

1) Once the window for your students' benchmark has opened, they really are blocked out of their grade level content.   Exceptions: students restricted to lower or higher content will be able to access that content; students that completed one benchmark (ex. math) will be able to access that content, but not reading
2) Reading passages will likely stay the same for each benchmark so it would make sense to file copies still in good condition to save trees. That said, it will be important to check prior to each benchmark each year that the reading passages have remained the same. The file that I sent out did have the specific benchmark identified in the header because each benchmark has its own unique reading passages.  Also, of course, we want the children to be talking to the test, highlighting, etc. as if they are taking the PSSA. That's why we're printing them out.  I truly would be disappointed to see a paper that was reusable!
Keep the questions and tips coming as it really does help all of us become better users of the program. If the answer to your question(s) does not appear above, we are still working on it and will have a response soon.