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More on Resetting Start Dates

posted Sep 27, 2012, 5:27 AM by Bryan Tayman
I've received a number of questions about the Start Date Reset and what to do about previous classes, assignments, etc. The process involves some important details that I wanted to make sure I better understood before I responded with another document. Hopefully, the attached document will address the concerns about students not seeing all of the assignments or seeing more than what you might want them to at a given point in time. I have set the Start Date to the beginning of the school year as this is tied to the student and impacts all teachers. It turns out that it is not something each teacher should do. I apologize for not being clear about that previously.
Second, the attached document details important steps that all teachers using Study Island should take concerning their classes. Teachers failing to update their classes may impact other teachers and students from prior periods or years. I will speak with Michelle and Bryan further to make sure they are able to help you with this task even though they are also receiving the email. Please continue to pass along your questions and concerns so that we may continue to improve our understanding, confidence, and efficiency with this tool.