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SI - Grade 2


As a team you might want to agree on assignments for September Reading and September Math, as common assignments that all the grade 2 students will work through. With a standard set of assignments for each month, students will get consistent exposure. The assignments can be activated/deactivated each month and retained for use in future years.

It is also easy to create smaller group assignments, as you get to know the individual needs of your students.
Create a class: Be sure you have a 'class' with your students in it. This will give each student a 'home page' with their assignment(s).
Note: You can create as many classes (reading, math, intervention, etc.) as you want for assignments/reports. But, to start you should only need one because you can assign assignments to different students within a group.
Create Assignments:
Create for a class or multiple classes or for an individual/group of students.
1. Click your class from the My Classes section of the Class manager page.
2. Click Add an Assignment
3. Title: Enter an assignment title
4. Preferences: override to adjust game mode, remedial topics, timer, scratchpad, highlighters.
5. Assignees: which class(es), student(s) This defaults to all students in the class.
6. Topics: 2nd Grade and then choose Math (NEW), Reading (NEW), or one of the Common Core Topics. *You may even wish to review the First Grade Topics depending on your student needs.
7. Click Get Topic List on the right. Review the topics and check the ones you want.
8. Activate the assignment>Save
9. IMPORTANT: Activate the class page from the Class Manager screen!! Select Yes for top two dropdowns. You can click No to block the left menu for the students.
Note: You can create assignments now and not activate them. Then you can come in later and activate them as you want them to be available for students.
IMPORTANT: Activate Class Page at the after activating the assignment. You can add all kinds of things (links, notes, schedule) to the class page.
Other Information:
Students can choose test mode, printable worksheets or games for different assignments.
  • Test Mode: Pick an answer, with feedback, pick until correct answer and can get an explanation.
  • Game Mode: Do well in the content to do well in the games. You can set the games to be on/off/limited.
  • Students earn blue ribbons when they reach passing goal for each topic. The passing goal can be adjusted by student.
  • Reports: School Stats link on left.
  • Click on the chart icon next to each assignment to see detailed information for that class for that assignment.
  • Worksheets: Teachers get printout of answers, students do not.