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Set Preferences, Lessons, and Pathways

posted Sep 29, 2011, 10:40 AM by Michelle Krill   [ updated Sep 29, 2011, 10:41 AM ]


• You can set class preferences so that the games are only available after the students reach a certain percentage. This can be done globally as a class preference and then you do not have to override the school preferences with each assignment.  Go to Class Manager>Click your class>Click the Class Properties tab above. Choose to Override School Preferences here!

•• Set the games to On when a certain percentage is reached. This will filter down to all assignments you have created or create in the future.

•• Also set Remedial Topics to On. This will allow Study Island to assign a lower level topic when students are not successful with a given topic. These are called building block topics.

When students have a lesson next to a topic, they should do the lesson first. Lessons include text, video and other information to 'teach' the information for a topic. To get started you may want to do the Lesson whole group so they see how it works.

When a student is done, a variety of things can happen.

• Return to Missed button - click to do the questions they missed.

• Play Again / Return to Main - a building block (remedial topic may have been assigned. Click Return to Main to see/select.

• Blue Ribbon! Students Return to Main, click the topic again and then Yes to the pop up. Then they can choose games to practice for that topic.

Ending may be the trickiest part, since they get done at different times and get different options!