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SMART Notebook


SMART Notebook is a software package that allow you to bring interactivity to your classroom and engage your students.


Bring images, themes, videos and interactive Flash objects instantly into lessons to spice up lessons and bring learning to life. These activities can be used with or without an interactive whiteboard.


SMART Notebook
Tutorials for getting started with SMART Notebook software at http://education.smarttech.com/ste/en-US/Ed+Resource/Teachers+Hub/Getting+started/Notebook.htm.
If you use SMART Notebook, this pdf will show explain the SMART toolbar. http://downloads.smarttech.com/media/services/quickreferences/pdf/english/mac/mac%20qr%20nb10%20toolbars.pdf
SMART Exchange
Quickly find, evaluate, download and share more than 29,000 free, high-quality, educational resources that can be effortlessly used with classroom technology. Access a variety of SMART Notebook lesson activities, SMART Response question sets, links to useful websites and multimedia resources.