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QR Codes

Background / Ideas for QR Codes
Decoders - software used to read a QR Code:
  • - list of QR readers for various devices

  • - PC software for QR codes.  I have tried several QR code programs, and this is my favorite by far.  NOTE:  Once installed, you can configure its settings to allow for webpage QR codes to auto-launch when scanned.  kids also love the funny "Quickmark" noise it makes when it scans a code!

  • NOTE: You can also search for QR Code Apps for iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches & Andriod Phones in their respective app stores

  • - online decoder    I guess usefule if you can't install software on school computer.  Doesn't scan - need QR code saved as an image file - so to me, starts to make it too cumbersome - why not just give me the URL if I need to upload picture files.  ; )
QR Code Generator - use this program to create your QR codes.  You can then save the picture file, print it out, add it to a Word Doc, web page, etc.
Things we have tried at SWSD successfully:
  • We have added QR codes to the back of our LA classroom library books.  The QR codes link to a wikispace about the book and have student reviews of the book.  This works great - is helpful to have an old desktop computer with a USB web cam set up in classroom so students can scan codes.  We tried using built in web cams on our laptops, but its hard to scan the code when your holding a big heavy laptop and its facing away from you so you can't see exactly how to line it up.  Having a USB web cam on a cable makes it nice b/c you can watch the video on the computer screen and hand hold the little camera to scan the code.

  • Printed QR codes and pasted on paint stick.  We linked to wikipedia pages - such as the page about Poison Ivy and stuck in ground next to that plant:    You could make a handout with a place to ID the plant (example:  QR Code #1 is ___ .)  then add a space to draw a picture of the plant in the field and list a few facts about it.  The problem we have with this idea is getting together enough 3G connected devices.  iPod Touches work in WiFi, but unless you stick really close to your school, your not going to pickup the wireless signal outside.  SmartPhones work great for QR codes - but not all students have a SmartPhone they can use, with available internet access.  You can always make a self guided walking tour for the public as a community service project.