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Scanners (Assessment Database)

 From the website:

Your Apperson scanner can now export test-scoring results automatically to your PC or Mac, using Apperson's DataLink™ software. DataLink™ is a test-scoring and data collection software that gives you the power to:

  • View students' test results on demand.
  • Gain instant access to standards by state and subject.
  • Ability to input custom standards and student learning objectives.
  • Assign standards to specific test questions and generate proficiency reports.
  • Export results to third-party applications, such as popular gradebook programs and your school district's database.
  • Differentiate instruction, using the DataLink™ reports, including standards-based proficiency reports.
  • Create electronic keys for future use and to share with other instructors.
  • Save and electronically share test results and reports.

DataLink™ is now included as a standard feature with all Apperson test scanners.