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For Active Inspire Users:  

Promethean Planet
Before you start to use ActivInspire, you may wish to use the ActivInspire tutorials available from ActivLearning, to help you get started as quickly as possible.

Promethean Planet Resources offer free resources such as teacher made flipcharts, pictures, sounds and backgrounds for you to download and use in your flipcharts.  Low cost premium resources can be purchased from the Promethean Planet shop.


Eno is the brand name of an interactive white board (IWB).  Smart board is another popular brand of IWB you may have heard of.  We also have some Promethian Active Inspire and e-Beam boards in SWSD.  For most of this site, we will be talking about ENO boards.


These are digitally enhanced versions of whiteboards!   IWBs, such as enos,  allow you to control and interact with your computer directly from your whiteboard in front of your class.  IWBs allow:
  • display and interact with your computer desktop, internet sites, computer programs, etc. right on the whiteboard

  • take notes on a blank whiteboard or annotate websites, computer programs, files or images from your Doc Cam with digital ink

  • print or save your digital ink, or images from your Doc Cam

  • You can customize the digital ink with MANY different sizes, colors, and textures!

  • record movies of your brainstorming session on the whiteboard. Or show movies clips from YouTube or Discovery Streaming.

  • display backgrounds (lined paper, graph paper, graphic organizers, maps) on your whiteboard - and you have a limitless supply of paper/room in which to work!

  • interact with Flash based diagrams, manipulatives, games, activities

  • grab lots of pre-made activities and lessons from Smart's Learning Exchange web site - or use/share activities created by other SWSD teachers on your level's teachershare drive!

We chose the eno board over the other brands because of the high quality of the whiteboard (its magnetic, easy to clean, very sturdy, and doesn't have any special wiring needed) and the bluetooth pen only takes one AAA battery and is wireless.


How to clean your eno board:  http://www.polyvision.com/Support/FAQs/Cleaninge3andenosurfaces.aspx

Using the Eno Toolstrip:

 Video Tutorials

Click here.

Setting an Eno Board Up

Setting up an eno board can be tricky the first time.  The biggest issue is establishing the Bluetooth connection with your laptop as we have found that the eno pens will not easily connect with some of the "flavors" of bluetooth that came pre-loaded on our LAM laptops.  Further, once a connection is made between and pen and laptop, its "exclusive" and therefore tough to later connect another pen with that same laptop.  It is like this so that if a teacher next door also has an eno pen, or bluetooth mouse, they don't accidentally control your board!

Here is a link to some directions for setting up an Eno Board, or you can put in a work order (x20870) to have a SW Tech come help.


  1. Have you plugged in the USB radio dongle?  It looks like a usb flash drive.  If not, try plugging the dongle in, and try the pen again.
  2. Is your USB radio dongle blinking?  If its not blinking, try pulling it out of the usb port, and plugging it into a different one.  If it starts blinking, try the pen again.  If its still not blinking, put in a work order (x20870).

  3. Check the battery.  Is it in the right direction?  The batteries last about a month or two, so could you have a dead battery?   Try a new battery or try pulling it out, cleaning the ends of the battery, and then reinserting it.

  4. Eno needs a small software program, called a driver, to be running for the board to work.  The icon sits down in the taskbar near your clock.  If you do not see this icon, go to the Tools folder on your desktop (or Applications folder on mac) and click the "PolyVision Driver" icon.
  5. If the driver is already in your taskbar, try clicking on it and closing it.  Then go to your Tools folder and launch the program again.  Sometimes, restarting this little program solves the problem!

  6. If you get asked for a passcode to pair the Bluetooth pen with the computer, try "0109"

  7. If your still having trouble with your Eno Board, please put in a work order (x20870) to have a SW Tech come take a look at it.

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