Science Tech Integration Ideas

new tech/science ideas - well, here is a free webinar from ISTE with two local dudes (Red Lion) talking about integrating tech in science that Michelle K shared with me.  We have a lot of the resources they discuss in place so I watched it.
Here are some notes/highlights you may want to look at.  I have also attached a PowerPoint with screen shots from the presentation.  Let me know if you want me to help incorporate any of these ideas into your class.
9:00 mark - assess your students/resources as you plan
10:40 mark - teacher success (personal to professional)
12:50 KUD charts
Down here is where it gets good w/ concrete examples
15:20 Taxonomy of integration (see image below)
17:30 Leap One Observing --> Incorporating
Observing - Kids see the use of technology by teacher
Incorporating - students use technology
examples -
  • Discovery Streaming (students can find their own video clips, teachers show clips)
  • Create templates that student manipulate (motion diagrams 22:05)
  • Blogging (22:40) by students to keep a running record of topics covered in class
  • Google Docs - collaborative project on planets (23:30)
  • Supporting evidence website (24:10) - website with graphs that can be screen shot and used in reports to support conclusions - AWESOME! -  Put together resources in a meaningful ways.
  • Formatting tips:  Write conclusions, BOLD science claims and underline supporting evidence
27:00 Leap Two - Produce, Collaborate, Explore
  • goal:  tech becomes invisible
  • tools can get in way - good news - tools of today and getting easier to use!
  • teachers make leap to become facilitators here
  • tough step to take!
  • Make videos (chem reaction movie trailer)
  • Podcasts (33:30)
  • Google Doc online group collaborative lab write up (34:17)
  • Explore Learning Gizmos - (36:15)  do this BEFORE I teach in class so they can explore it, ask questions
39:00 Leap Three - Create (see attached screen shots)
  • Very tough fro teachers - CONTROL of product is now in hands of students - they choose
  • 39:50 Riding lightening roller coaster - recorded audio with narration of what is happening while they are riding the roller coaster
  • grade at this level with rubric (from chat)
  • How to teach "create"  (42:50)
    • teach them how info is shared (sample movies, podcasts, websites)
    • teach them the tools - software programs to make movies, podcasts, websites)
    • creative freedom - let me make choices at this point
  • VCR/DVD player dissection website (44:30) - neat - student took apart DVD player, took photos and videos of breaking it apart, blogged about what they were learning.
  • Wave Lab (45:50) - Gave lots of slinkys, ropes, pans of water - told them to experiment and then tell him what waves do, how they behave.  One group made a wave song - AWESOME!  First version was OK, then they rethought project and redid it, turned out great!