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  1. Set Up Your Class:
    • Click Class Builder at the top.
    • Click Add Class
    • Name the Class
    • Move students from the Students in School side to your class. You may select a bunch and then click the > arrow.

    Next click Student Passwords at the top to display the class list. YOu can then click the Print Entire Class Login Cards button.  Teachers may edit the password to be any 3 digit number from this screen before printing the cards.
    The username is their firstnamelastinitial and a number. (EX: michellek3) and the password is a 3 digit number. (EX: 332)
    I attached a pdf that explains the eToolkit (virtual manipulatives) and also here is a link to the ED math professional development: .
Bryan Tayman,
Sep 17, 2012, 7:18 AM