Elementary Report Cards

In the past, we were told that grades had to be sent from the gradebook to the report card prior to editing the report card manually.
We checked with K12 and that is no longer the case! From the rep:
"Teachers can enter the "Non-Gradebook" grades at any point once the grading window is open. They just need to remember to click the "Pull Gradebook Grades" button when they are ready for the Gradebook grades to come into the report card."

The button is right below the Spell Check Comments button on the report card screen for each student.


My previous email about pulling grades from the gradebook did not include an important step that remains the same from previous years. Sorry about that!

It is still necessary to go to each gradebook and select Marking Period 1 at the top in the blue bar, choose Final Grades from the My Class drop down and click Save. When you click Save, the TGB (Teacher Gradebook) grade is entered into the SMS (Student Management System) column and THAT Is what is pulled to the report card.

Teachers may Override the TGB grade in the OVR (Override) column if necessary. Be sure to click Save after any overrides!


After a couple of meetings with teachers it became apparent that confusion remains about submitting grades at the end of the marking period. Submitting marking period grades from the Final Grades screen streamlines (read - reduces) efforts at the end of each marking period AND at the end of the year when it comes time to calculate final grades.
While this might be a little late for this marking period, I think the attached handout will help in future marking periods. This handout is appropriate for: those not using the gradebook, those using the gradebook and those that are thinking about using the gradebook.

Even if your grade level does not submit traditional letter grades, you can use the gradebook to keep track of assignments and grades and then later convert the percentage to the value used by your grade level on the final grades screen for that subject area. **For instance, if I taught science in 2nd grade and recorded 6 grades in my gradebook as O, S, S, S+, S- O, and I had assigned percentages to those values in my gradebook, then the gradebook would compile those percentages into a final percentage from which I could objectively assign a final value. Even if I didn't use the gradebook for assignments, I could enter the letter (O, S, N, U) on the final grades screen for each student (all on one screen), click Save and those should be pushed to the report card.
Seriously, taking the time to read and understand this information now WILL save you time later:)  I'm glad to stop in and go over it face to face. Believe me, I have spent tons of time working on this and am really hoping it makes sense. But, until you actually go through the process it probably just sounds like a bunch of nonsense!

Bryan Tayman,
Nov 16, 2010, 8:28 AM